FIFA 22 Introduces The Hypermotion Technology To Next-Gen Machines

FIFA 22 Introduces The Hypermotion Technology To Next-Gen Machines

FIFA 22 introduces a new gameplay next-gen exclusive feature, hypermotion, that uses real-human motion capture input to make the game more genuine.

Hypermotion is one of the new features of FIFA 22. It’s a next-gen feature that is only available for the Stadia, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X version of the game. FIFA 22 hypermotion is a technology that makes the matches more realistic. The development team used motion capture data to create this new gameplay system.

FIFA 22 Hypermotion Brings a New Level of Realism

FIFA 22 creators are able to recreate the movement of the real footballers using Xsens suits. This technology was used on 22 professional players to capture their motions. They were playing as in a real match. The Xsens suit is an advanced motion capture tool that records actions such as running and sprinting. The footballers played at high intensity. The development team used the input from the suit to create real movement. This couldn’t have been achieved without EA’s machine learning algorithm. More than eight million frames caught in play are used by the algorithm to create new animations. More than 4,000 new animations are part of the new game. The result is organic movement. Players on your screen will interact just like the real footballers. FIFA 22 hypermotion brings a new level of intensity and realism never seen before in an EA SPORTS FIFA game. As we’ve mentioned, the new feature is reserved for next-gen machines. The developers coupled the power of these new consoles with deep player intelligence to achieve advanced tactical realism. Each player will have a deeper understanding of what’s going on in the game. Various attacking and defensive formations allow players to adapt their style depending on the situation. FIFA 22 hypermotion allows players to calculate more choices per second. Elements like the surroundings are taken into consideration when attacking. Players will react much faster and make more tactical decisions. When it comes to defense, the AI players will emphasize teamwork and better pitch coverage. The game uses the ML-Flow machine learning algorithm that creates animations in real-time. The advanced two-player interaction system synchronizes the footballers’ animations. Each player will react according to their role and you will see the struggle to get control of the ball. The outcome of a confrontation will be much clearer. Controlling the ball will feel smoother thanks to two-touch animation. Players will have more skill in situations that involve the aerial ball and more agility when it comes to controlling the ground ball. Off-ball player animations contribute to environmental realism.

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